Playful Fox Steals Woman’s Phone, Makes a Run For It

Foxes are highly energetic and playful animals that are always in the mood for shenanigans. They often don’t mean harm, but just want to have some fun as a recent video posted by non-profit rescue SaveAFox demonstrates.

SaveAFox founder Mikayla Raines recently decided to have a yoga workout on the shelter’s grounds, thinking that it would be peaceful to exercise among foxes. Oh, how wrong she was.

Raines placed her phone on the ground to take a video of her yoga exercises and immediately noticed that one of the rescue’s residents, named Dixie, was becoming interested in the phone. She tried to warn the fox not to touch it, but it was already too late.

Dixie grabbed the phone and tried to make a run for it. The mischievous animal made several attempts to bury her treasure as well, but with Raines pursuing her, she abandoned the idea. At last, seeing that she will not be able to succeed, the fox gave up and handed the phone.

Check out this highly entertaining chase below.