Poe the Raven is Living His Best Life After Surviving a Critical Wing Injury

There’s something strangely fitting about naming a raven after Edgar Allan Poe, and that just happens to be the name of one of the birds residing at the American Eagle Foundation. Poe the Raven built a home here after being brought in with a wing injury, and he went on to become a true Instagram sensation in the years to come.

Poe the Raven now resides at the American Eagle Foundation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and he’s followed by over 100,000 people, but how did he end up here in the first place? He was rescued in North Carolina back in 2009, but his right wing injury left him with limited flight capabilities and he was non-releasable back into the wild.

It was hard to determine Poe’s age when he arrived at the American Eagle Foundation, but he’s been there for over a decade and he’s still living his best life.

“Now I’m at the AEF headquarters where I spend my days playing with and shredding toys, doing lots of fun activities such as recycling, basketball & painting, catching sun rays and educating the public!” reads one of Poe’s posts on Instagram.

In addition to being pretty funny, Poe the Raven’s Instagram page is also highly educational, and it offers useful information about things that make ravens unique.