Polar Bear Plays Volleyball With Zookeepers

A polar bear named Khaarchaana (Snowflake), resident of St. Petersburg’s Leningrad Zoo, recently found a perfect way to entertain herself while the zoo remains closed to the public due to coronavirus pandemic. She played a game of “volleyball” with the zookeepers and showed off some amazing skills.

ABC News recently shared a viral video that shows Leningrad Zoo staff throwing a ball to Khaarchaana, hoping to encourage the polar bear to engage in some sport activity. The gentle giant immediately took on the challenge, throwing the ball back at the zookeepers and starting what turned out to be a really fun game of volleyball.

According to the staff, Khaarchaana loves getting the attention of the visitors, so the zoo’s closure has been tough on her. Luckily, the zookeepers are constantly thinking of ways to ease her pain, and it seems like they are doing an excellent job.

Check out this amusing video in full below.