Police Dog Switches His “Gentle Giant Mode” On When Around His Little Sister

Sonny is a police dog who is dedicated to his work. Together with his dad, he patrols the streets of their home town. When he sees Jason wearing his police uniform, he immediately turns on the cop mode and is ready to do business, and is very good at it.

However, when the duo gets back home, the furry giant becomes a teddy bear—especially if he is around his baby sister. He relaxes, lays on the ground, and lets little Reagan do whatever she wants. She likes crawling all over him, pulling his ears, grabbing his toes and paws, and he doesn’t mind at all.

“He is a very toy-driven dog. I’ve spent five years with Sonny trying to get him to give me the ball back, and we had our frustrations, but she’s never even learned to say a single word, and she can get it back from him, and that’s where I see the changes,” Sonny’s dad Jason told The Dodo.

They are currently expecting another family member to arrive in April, another little girl, and they are super excited for Reagan to become a big sister. Sonny is certainly going to have his paws full!

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