Ponzu And Mango’s Friendship is Proof That Anyone Can Be Friends

Cat’s don’t love birds, rather, they love to hunt them. But not Ponzu, he loves his little feathered buddy. Mango and Ponzu have a beautiful bond, they love to take morning walks together, share breakfast, and go on adventures.

“Next thing I know Mango is already hopped up on Ponzu and walk around the house,” their owner shared with The Dodo. “And then we even take them out together. Ponzu enjoys when Mango nips on his ear, his fur.”

The couple also adores spending time in their owner’s restaurant patio.  

“We need to learn from all these animals. They are different species, but they get along. They learn how to live together and how to fit into each other’s lives,” she added.

If you want to learn more about Ponzu and Mango’s unbreakable friendships, you can follow them on their Instagram profile called Ponzu Cool Cat. They also have a doggie brother called Tofu.

Scroll down and check them out.

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