Popeye Went from a Starving Homeless Dog To a Famous Instagram Foodie

Meet Popeye – a famous foodie dog and the star of Instagram!

Back in 2014, it was hard to imagine that this adorable pup would become a social media celebrity. Ivy Diep already had pets when she found Popeye abandoned on the streets. Even though she had no plans of getting another dog, Diep couldn’t resist and adopted the pup.

Popeye immediately fit into the family and Diep’s husband and other pets absolutely loved him. But it soon turned out that the camera loves him as well!

One day, Diep took Popeye to meet a friend for lunch. Diep and her friend loved taking pictures and posting reviews of restaurants on Instagram, so they came up with the idea of using Popeye as a model. According to Popeye’s Instagram page, he is an “LA stray pup (mix breed) who travels and dines at mostly pet-friendly restaurants.” 

The result is an amazing Instagram page named Popeye the Foodie Dog where you can see charming Popeye posing around food. The dog has around 371 thousand followers so far.

Check out some adorable photos of Popeye below.