Potato the Persian Takes Cats’ Love for Cardboard Boxes to New Heights

It’s no secret that cats are obsessed with cardboard boxes, but one adorable feline took things to a whole new level. Potato the Persian’s owner captured his love for boxes in a recent viral video, which received 30 million views on TikTok alone.

Potato is a five-year-old Persian cant from Australia, whose story attracted a lot of attention on social media long before his love for cardboard boxes became a matter of public knowledge. His right eye has a scar that causes it to look cloudy in photos because he had surgery for an ulcer caused by entropic eyelids before turning two.

Potato is a huge fan of running and tiki cat sticks, but cardboard boxes seem to be his one true obsession. One of his recent videos shows Potato’s owner pushing a box that he’s in to confuse him and see if he’ll be able to convince Potato to eventually come out.

There’s nothing unusual about Potato’s love for boxes, and many felines share his passion. Cats are natural predators, and a box provides an enclosed environment where they feel safe and sound. Boxes can also be a great stress reliever for house cats because they provide warmth, comfort, and security from the outside world.

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