Pregnant Rescue Pitbull Gets a Maternity Photoshoot

A heartwarming story about a 2-year-old Pitbull, who was found wandering alone on the streets, recently went viral. This adorable dog , later named Mama Pickles, was pregnant at the time and she was taken in by the Pits and Giggles Rescue in Charlotte. This non-profit organization specializes in taking care of pregnant dogs and their puppies and they’ve given Mama Pickles everything she needs and more.

Photographer Lauren Casteen Syke often volunteers to take pictures of dogs for the shelter to help them get adopted. Once she heard the story about a pregnant pit bull who was brought to the shelter, she knew that Mama Pickles would be her new model.

“When Pits & Giggles reached out saying that they just brought in a Mama from the shelter that was the proudest, happy and caring little thing, we wanted to take photos to keep those precious moments,” the photographer told Arthusiast.

She organized a lovely maternity photoshoot for Mama Pickles, who posed like a pro in a romantic setting. Needless to say that the internet went crazy over these adorable photos.

Pickles has given birth to eight baby girls and is now spending time recovering and nursing her babies. The story received so much public attention, we have no doubt that they’ll all find a good home when the time comes.