Princess Honeybelle is Australia’s Most Glamorous Rescue Cat

Princess Honeybelle is living a life of luxury with her owners in Melbourne, but her life wasn’t always as lavish as it is today. Before becoming Australia’s most glamorous petfluencer, she was just another rescue cat looking for a place to call home.

Honeybelle was adopted from a local shelter in Melbourne by her owner Nicole Wade, after her previous cat tragically passed away. She adopted her in the middle of the global pandemic, and this adorable kitten helped Wade make it through multiple lockdowns while coping with the tragedy of losing her old cat.

One of the first things Wade noticed about her new pet was how much she enjoyed being in front of the camera. She constantly craved attention, and it immediately became clear she was going to be a star.

“She’s always enjoyed dressing up and loves the attention she gets when we are filming videos or taking pictures. She’s so sweet and we are always in awe of how well she wears her outfits – it’s like she knows she’s a superstar,” Wade told News Week.

Princess Honeybelle’s luxe outfits helped her become a true social media star with over 300,000 followers on both TikTok and Instagram. In addition to her signature tutus and berets, she also enjoys wearing chef hats and her profile describes her as a professional chef cat.