Puka the Dog and Rocket Larry the Turtle Have the Cutest Relationship

It’s not often that you see a dog and turtle who are best friends. Puka the dog and Rocket Larry the turtle have the sweetest relationship and they both happen to be adopted. They’re the animal duo you didn’t know you needed to follow on Instagram.

Larry, an African Sulcata tortoise, was adopted back in 2009 from someone who needed to re-home him. Most of the time he lives outside because he loves the sun and digging in the dirt. At full size, he’s expected to reach up to 100-150 pounds and will most likely outlive his entire family.

Puka, a mixed breed dog with a cleft palate, was adopted in 2011 after a family friend found her sitting at a bus stop with a homeless man who was unable to care for her. While a cleft palate is often a death sentence for dogs since corrective surgery isn’t always an option, Puka’s doing well and her grin is adorable.

The two are an unlikely duo, but they immediately bonded and Larry was never afraid of Puka. They often cuddle together, share snacks, and chill in a kiddie pool. Sometimes Puka sniffs Larry’s face and licks his shell. How cute! Puka and Rocket Larry make quite the photogenic couple.