This Puma Lives Comfortably in a Russian Apartment

Image by @I_am_puma / Instagram

Meet Messi, a 2-year-old puma (cougar) who lives in a cozy studio apartment in Penza, Russia. He can’t live in the wild because he is smaller than a regular puma. His size would be an easy target for other dangerous animals.

Alexandr Dmitriev and his wife, Mariya, decided to adopt Messi from a zoo in 2016 and the couple raised him as a house-pet. The big cat follows a strict grooming routine – he gets washed in the bath, have his teeth cleaned and nails trimmed, and gets a special brush-down every single day. As for his meals, Messi eats twice a day and his diet includes turkey, beef, some chicken breast and bones.

The couple shares Messi’s adventures on social media and now the young puma is a certified internet star with 514k followers on Instagram and over 800k YouTube subscribers.