Pupper Who Was Rescued from a River Canal Finds a Loving Forever Home

Back in April, Suzette Hall, founder of California-based dog rescue Logan’s Legacy 29, was informed about a dog in need of help. A tiny pupper was stuck in the river canal for three days with no way out. Kind-hearted people have been trying to rescue him but had little success.

Hall immediately got to the scene and, with the help of locals, managed to get the dog, who was named Sammy, out.

It turned out that Sammy had health issues and an injury that needed surgery. Luckily, animal lovers pitched in to secure the necessary funds, and the dog had a successful procedure and was on his way to recovery.

As you might guess, Sammy’s story didn’t end there. One month after helping rescue Sammy, Hall shared an update about the dog. After the surgery, he was fostered by vet technician who ended up “falling in love” with him and deciding to provide him a loving forever home.

“He is beyond loved. And getting spoiled. Sweet Baby boy will never be scared running in a canal ever again. So happy for you Sammy,” Hall wrote in the update shared on Facebook.