Puppy and Bunny Duo Share Unlikely, But Adorable Friendship

Animals love to befriend humans, but other than that, they are quite suspicious about someone who doesn’t belong to their species. For golden retriever Bear and Holland lop Hugs, this didn’t come in the way of them developing an unlikely, but adorable friendship.

This puppy and bunny duo are stars of the Bear + Hugs Instagram account that is quickly becoming a daily source of cuteness for thousands of social media users. On the account, you can see the couple “living their best life in California” and having tons of fun. They eat together, go on adventures together, and do all sorts of shenanigans that will make you both laugh and be overwhelmed with cuteness.

Bear and Hugs’ owners are so proud of their pets that they even have children’s book dedicated to the duo coming out soon. Until then, check out some of our favorite moments from their IG account below.