This Puppy is Getting Lots of Attention With His Heart-Shaped Nose

Image by @hi.wiley / Instagram

Dalmatian is one of the most recognizable dog breeds because of its spotted coat. This particular Dalmatian, named Wiley, is special. When he first arrived in his new home, his owner noticed a unique marking which formed a cute heart shape around his nose.

His family wasn’t sure if the markings would stay as Wiley grew, but to their delight, the adorable pup still has his heart-shaped nose. Wiley is a very friendly dog with loads of energy. He likes to meet new people and everyone just fall in love with him.

“Everyone notices the heart,” owner Lexi Smith told The Dodo. “Can’t take him anywhere without being mobbed, but he loves all the attention. He is cute and he knows it! He is a stubborn little sweetheart full of sass and constantly making me laugh. He is a cuddle bug when he wants to be, but when he is ready to play, you better be ready to, too.”

It’s Thursday, or as I like to call it…day 4 of the hostage situation.

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Putting paw prints on your heart with this heart print on my nose 🐾🖤

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Am I too late for #denverfashionweek

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