Puppy Kindergarten Shares Adorable Photos of Dogs Napping

Dog owners hate it when they have to leave their pets alone at home due to work or other commitments. But those living in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, don’t have to worry about this. They can just take them to Puppy Spring, a dog kindergarten that specializes in taking care of dogs when their humans are busy.

Dogs at Puppy Spring can enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities while also getting the opportunity to take a nap and recharge their batteries after an eventful morning. This last part is particularly adorable, as all the puppies sleep in the same room, but each gets its own comfy sleeping bag. But sometimes they cuddle together, which is too cute to handle.

This not only helps the dogs to get well rested, but it also serves as a badly-needed break for the staff of Puppy Spring and allows them to post adorable photos and videos of puppy naps on their Instagram profile.

We just wish we could cuddle with them, but for now, we’ll admire the cute photos and videos.