Raccoon Continues to Visit a Woman Who Rescued Him 3 Years Ago

A raccoon named Little Hands was only four weeks old when he ended up abandoned by his kind besides the road. The animal was in bad shape, and who knows what would happen if a kind-hearted animal lover Nikki Robinson didn’t find him.

At first, Robinson decided to try her luck with rescue centers and wildlife rehabilitation organizations in the area, hoping they could give proper care to the raccoon. But all those places told her that they couldn’t help him and even recommended that she gets him euthanized.

Robinson then took the matter into her own hands and nursed the raccoon back to health with the help of her mom Linda. They named him Little Hands and developed a strong bond with the animal despite knowing that they’d have to let him back to the wild at some point.

After two and a half months, Nikki and Linda set Little Hands free, believing they’d never see the adorable raccoon again. But they were wrong.

It turns out that Little Hands grew fond of them and didn’t intend to disappear. He returned after a while and continued to pay them visits from time to time.

“[My mom] has a porch swing where she sits outside, and he would come up and literally crawl onto the swing and sit beside her and just want his butt and chin scratched,” Robinson revealed in a chat with Dodo. “He wanted his snuggles, then he’d have his food and wander off.”

Since releasing Little Hands to the wild, the mother and daughter saved a number of raccoons and took care of them until they could survive on their own. And just like Little Hands, some of them also occasionally drop by to get a bite and some snuggles.