Raku Inoue Makes Insect Portraits Using Flowers

Raku Inoue is a Tokyo-born, Montreal-based artist and the creator of a series titled Natura Insects which showcases butterflies, spiders, bees, and even scorpions made of colorful flower arrangements.

The enchanting portraits are unique and created by flowers, twigs, leaves, and stems from Inoue’s garden. When he is finished with his sculptures he photographs them and shares the images on his Instagram page and website.

Growing up, the artist loved to spend his summer holidays with his grandmother in the countryside near Hiroshima. It was then when his love for insects, animals, and nature bloomed.

“One day, it was very windy so most of the delicate petals from the rose bush fell onto the ground. I picked them up and made the very first floral insect. I have made many insects since then and now, I strive to push the boundaries of floral art,” the artist told Bored Panda.

You need to check out his beautiful work! Follow him on Instagram for future updates.