Rare Cheese-Like Yellow Albino Indian Flapshell Turtle Discovered in India

It turns out that turtles don’t always have to be green or gray. Surprisingly, they can also be yellow!

One farmer in India recently discovered a rare albino Indian flapshell turtle that sparked the interest of many internet users due to the predominant yellow color on its entire body. The color is especially vivid on the turtle’s shell, rightfully prompting social media to compare it to a slice of melted cheese and egg yolk.

The Indian flapshell turtle is usually brown with weak yellow spots on its shell. However, this specimen, found in West Bengal, got its distinct look thanks to a rare genetic anomaly.

According to Siddhartha Pati of the Association for Biodiversity Conservation, the turtle has a complete or partial absence of tyrosine, which caused its head, limbs, and shell to completely turn yellow.

This is the second time that a yellow Indian flapshell turtle was found in the wild. The first case was recorded in Balasore, Odisha earlier this summer.

After being observed for research purposes, both of the yellow turtles were released into the wild.