Rescue Dog Detects Cancer on Owner’s Nose, Saves Her Life

Image by @alchap2 / Instagram

A rescue dog has saved his her owner’s life by discovering she had nose cancer.

Lauren Gauthier is today thankful that her dog Victoria was persistent at sniffing the odd red spot on her nose until she went to check it.

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“It really is amazing that my dog was so persistent in sniffing the area that was skin cancer,” Gauthier says. “The surgery itself has changed my face, and if my dog had not picked up on it, I may have ignored the spot, which could have risked further disfigurement. Hounds have a keen sense of smell but I never thought that I would personally benefit from it!”

“I am so thankful for Victoria. She and I have always had a close bond and she senses when I’m upset or stressed; I had no idea she’d be able to detect that I had cancer lurking underneath my skin,” she continues. “What is particularly rewarding is that I adopted her through the rescue that I founded, (Magic’s Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue, Inc.) and devote much of my life to saving hounds who have been abused or neglected. It seems Victoria and her keen skills are the way that the hounds decided to give back to me.”