Rescue Turtle Serves as a Flower Girl at Her Owner’s Wedding

This pet wedding planning service recently shared a fantastic video on their TikTok profile. It shows a tiny rescue turtle being a flower girl at her owner’s wedding.

“My dad rescued me 24 years ago, and now I’m his FLOWER-GIRL in his wedding,” LuxeDogNanny wrote in the caption of the video. The heartwarming video became a huge hit, reaching almost one million views and 112K likes.


My dad rescued me 🐢 2️⃣4️⃣ years ago and now I’m his FLOWER-GIRL in his wedding 💐🔔💗. #dad #wed #wedding #turtle #turtles #coolparents #chicago #chicagowedding #weddingplanner #luxedognanny #bride #groom #citylife #love #specialstory #cute

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Following the video’s success, The Dodo reached out to the groom, Paul McDonald, to learn more about his special connection with his pet turtle Colors. And the story is really amazing.

According to McDonald, he and his friend found Colors in front of a movie theater when he was eight years old. His friend was the one who wanted to keep it, but his parent didn’t let him because he already had a pet. This allowed McDonald to take the tiny turtle home, and they have been together ever since.

With the two being through thick and thin together, McDonald knew he had to find a way to involve Colors in his wedding. His soon-to-be-wife agreed, and the idea of having a turtle as their flower girl was born. This allowed McDonald and Colors to add another special moment to their remarkable story while also putting a smile on the faces of many social media users.

 “She is my lifelong companion,” McDonald told The Dodo. “She’s always been around to cheer me up during the hard times, and she’s truly helped enrich my life with love, companionship, and the wonderful responsibility of caring for a loved one.”