Rescued Bear Gets Excited for Their Hibernation Period

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

Bear Sanctuary Muritz is bear sanctuary in Germany, run by Four Paws International. The park is home to 13 bears including a 5-year-old bear named Luna.

Luna is a kind of animal that does something with passion. Like during the hot summer months, she would immerse herself in swimming, enjoying fully the coolness of water. Despite her zealous character, Luna spent her cub years til age 3, with few pleasures.

“Luna lived a horrible life at the amusement park in southern Albania for about three years, before we could rescue her in 2016,” spokesperson for Four Paws’ sanctuaries Jeta Lepaja, told The Dodo.

According to Lepaja, Luna was probably stolen from the wild when she was just a young cub after her mother was killed by poachers.

“Usually poachers take them when they are tiny cubs,” Lepaja shared. “Afterwards, [they] sell them to people who own a business, like in this case an amusement park.”

Luna has been enjoying her freedom ever since her rescue. The winter season is just around the corner and Luna has been busy digging a den not just once but twice!

Bears follow their natural instinct to hibernate in the winter. “She is the first bear digging her den there,” Lepaja shared. “She looks such in a hurry!”

“Luna hibernated last winter for the first time from beginning of January until end of March,” Lepaja added. “The chances are that this year she will hibernate earlier.”