Roxy Sanders is Sharing Her Passion for Snakes and Reptiles with the World

Image via roxys.reptidien/Instagram

Roxy Sanders was head over heels when she held a snake in her arms for the first time, and she now gets to do this every day. Her love for serpents and other reptiles knows no bounds, and she’s using her social media platforms to share it with the world.

Sanders has been dreaming about keeping snakes as pets ever since a snake keeper allowed her to take a photo with one after an FFA class at her high school. She asked her mom if she could get a pet snake, and she firmly said no, so Sanders waited until she was old enough to take care of snakes on her own.

This 23-year-old from Texas now has several years as a snake keeper under her belt, and she’s using the power of social media to connect with other members of the community. In addition to posting photos with her reptile companions, she also enjoys sharing useful information about reptile care she learned over the years.

We’ve seen Sanders take care of chameleons and leopard geckos over the years, but there’s a reason why snakes are her favorite animals.

“[Snakes are] allowing there to be healing and transformation within our lives. Snakes continue to have a bad rep, but they’re quite the opposite. I’m proud to own such an exquisite species and have them as a reminder not to allow outside forces determine my future,” she wrote on Instagram.