Ruby the Beagle Gets Over her Fear of Car Rides with the Help of her Big Brother

Rescue dogs always need a bit of extra attention. They have been through a lot, and their past experiences make them hesitant about everyday activities.

One beagle named Ruby, who was rescued as a pup and adopted by her current owner, is afraid of car rides. But she is lucky enough to have someone who helps make those scary moments manageable; her bigger brother, Dino the Dalmatian.

A clip shared on Ruby and Dino’s joint TikTok profile captures one of their car rides. Ruby seems visibly nervous at the beginning of the ride, but as soon as Dino gives her a reassuring embrace, she immediately gets more comfortable. Towards the end of the video, Ruby gets so relaxed that she starts snoozing.

“Better when we’re together,” it says in the caption of the video.

Internet users were amazed by the video and rushed to comments to share their support for dog companions for dogs. We have to agree that there can never be enough dogs in one family.

“Getting your dog a dog is always the best thing,” @tiotapatio wrote.

“We got a super high anxiety, rescue puppy a a year ago and we recently got her her own puppy and she’s doing so amazing,” @t_heard added.