Rudy the Duck and Barclay the Dog are Best Friends

Rudy, the duck is obsessed with Barclay the dog, and Barclay also loves Rudy. However, it wasn’t always the case. When their owner Pam learned that ducks can help ease her PTSD and anxiety she got inspired to get ducks of her own. However, Barclay wasn’t happy, at all.

“Barclay was almost scared. He never bothered the ducks. He always looked at them from far away,” Pam told The Dodo. “They have lived in the same household for three years before they even started hanging out together.”

But one day, he decided to walk into the coop, and that is when Rudy fell in love with Barclay.

“Rudy would chase Barclay and Barclay would run away. Barclay really likes the smell of the ducks. The ducks climb on top of him. In the morning, he always comes into the coop with me and just sort of greets them,” she added.

Pam documents their adventures on Instagram where her videos regularly get tens of thousands of likes from her over 200,000 followers.