Ryan Eicher Celebrates Snakes Through His Glass Art

Ryan Eicher was a huge fan of snakes since his childhood years, and he’s now using his art to change the way people look at them. The glass artist from Maryland is taking the world by storm with his mesmerizing creations, that perfectly capture the unique colors and patterns of different snake species.

Eicher is a talented glass artist who specializes in lampworking, the process of using a torch to melt and stretch glass. He fell in love with this art form when he spotted a guy blowing glass at a music festival when he was 18 and decided to start doing his own research and hone his skills by starting a small studio in his backyard.

Almost two decades have passed since, and Eicher now mostly specializes in making miniature glass-blown serpents. He had liked snakes for as long as he can remember, and he thinks they often get a bad rap, so he’s using his glass art to show them in a magical new light.

“A lot of people have a justifiable fear of them, but they are generally harmless. I like how the image of a snake evokes a strong reaction from people, either fear or love, and when I can get a reaction from people looking at my work I know I did good,” he told DeMilked.