Sarah Leonard is Making Atypical Curiosities Inspired by Insects

The incredible beauty of insects is often invisible to the naked eye, but you’ll come to appreciate them much more after discovering artists inspired by them. Sarah Leonard of Atypical Curiosities is one of them, and her amazing steampunk art is a true love letter to insects.

Leonard is based in Manchester, England, and she’s an academic who enjoys making steampunk art in her free time. Her brand Atypical Curiosities was born in 2020, and she describes her creations as mixed media embroidery art, made from beads, sequins, and repurposed jewelry.

Leonard specializes in making nature-inspired pieces, and that’s why she always strived towards embracing an eco-friendly approach to her art.

“The jewelry elements I use are taken from broken pieces heading for landfill. I source these from second-hand shops and people who kindly donate their unwanted jewelry to me.  Any animal specimens or bones I use are ethically and sustainably sourced by UK taxidermists,” she explains on her official website.

Entomology is the biggest source of her inspiration, and most of her creations take the shape of insects. Spiders, beetles, and bees are the most common subjects she enjoys exploring, but we’ve also seen her pay homage to dragonflies, centipedes, and many other types of insects.