Sarper Duman is Connecting to Cats Through the Power of Classical Music

It’s no secret that classical music can have a calming effect on humans, but it turns out it can impact cats in the same way. No one knows this better than Sarper Duman, a Turkish pianist who enjoys using classical music to create a stronger bond with his cats.

Duman is now a true Instagram sensation, with a million followers under his belt, but he faced many obstacles before his viral videos were shared by the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Zayn Malik. He tried to commit suicide in his youth, and taking care of animals gave him a new purpose after years of recovery.

The Turkish pianist and music teacher is now taking care of 19 cats in his home in Istanbul, mostly thanks to the donations from his fans online.

“I am doing my best to cover their food, litter, and clinic expenses. I also try to provide for the stray animals around my house and office by feeding them and taking them to the clinic when it is needed,” explains Duman on his Patreon page.

Duman enjoys playing classical music for his cats, and they seem to love it just as much as he does. His viral videos usually show him playing the piano with one of the cats in his lap, and there’s something incredibly satisfying in seeing how peaceful and happy it makes them. They melt into his arms!