Sasha Vinogradova Reimagines Insects as Art Nouveau-Inspired Objects

Art Nouveau went out of style over a century ago, but that’s not stopping it from inspiring artists to this day. Sasha Vinogradova is one of them and she draws inspiration from this whimsical style through her digital art, which sees her remaining insects as Art Nouveau-inspired objects.

Vinogradova is an Emmy-nominated art director from Nashville, who worked on such hit series as House of the Dragon and The Crown. She enjoys blending together contrasting elements through her digital artwork, often intertwining beauty with darkness.

She caught our eye with her “Jewel Insects” series, which blends together two of her biggest passions – nature and ornamental motifs.

“In this series, I wanted to depict the whimsical nature of insects as pieces of handmade metalwork. Software used in this project [are] Cinema 4D, Zbrush, and Arnold Render. I wanted to mention how much fun was to play with Arnold Flake material to make wings look like gemstones,” she explains on her official website.

Objects in this collection take many different shapes, including butterflies, moths, and beetles. They’ll make you see insects in a whole new light, and discover the beauty in them that’s often invisible to the naked eye – even if you’re not a fan of these tiny creatures.