Sausage Dog Suddenly Balloons Up And Nobody Can Find Out What’s Wrong

Image via Willows Vet Group/Facebook

Trevor is a normal Dachshund dog – short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog, until something appalling happened to him. He’d suddenly ballooned into a meatball, swelling up to three times his normal size.

So Trevor’s owner, Fran Jennings, rushed him to a Willows Veterinary Group medical facility for help. Even the vets were shocked at first. “They had never seen anything quite like it,” Jennings explained in a press release. “Whatever it was, it affected his breathing so we had to leave him there while they tried to find out what was wrong.”

The sausage dog underwent thorough examination and X-rays which lead the doctors to find the source of his health problem. He had an internal injury but the cause is still unclear. According to The Dodo, a small hole was found in the dog’s windpipe, causing air to leak through into his body under his skin and around his muscles. Trevor was literally inflating himself with every breath.

“I have never seen a case like this before,” Dr. Michelle Coward said.

Luckily, Dr. Coward successfully performed surgery to patch the hole in Trevor’s windpipe to prevent the air leaking any further. His condition gradually resolved and Trevor is back to his old self again. He looked more comfortable now that he’s deflated.

“When he came back for his checkups following the surgery he was very bouncy and happy,” Coward shared. “He’s a great character and everybody loves him. He was a pleasure to nurse.”