Seaside Sea Spice is Making Marine-Inspired Art Using Seashells

Beachcombing is a truly magical and relaxing hobby—especially if you decide to breathe a new life into your seaside treasures. Amy of Seaside Sea Spice is doing just that, and she loves transforming shells and pebbles she finds along the coast into marine-inspired works of art.

Amy loved being around the sea for as long as she can remember because it’s where she felt most calm and grounded. She discovered beach combing while exploring the beautiful Suffolk and Norfolk coastline, and it helped her clear her mind and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

After years of enjoying this hobby, Amy decided to get creative with her tiny treasures and put them on full display instead of keeping them in the box. Seaside Sea Spice was born after she started transforming shells, pebbles, sea glass, sea pottery, and driftwood into works of art.

“With my art, I aim to reflect on the special beauty of the coast and share my deep love of the shore… All my treasures have been collected sustainably. I never take too much and always check that no little creature has made it their home,” she explains on her Etsy page.

Seaside Sea Spice’s creations take many different shapes and forms, and many of them are inspired by different marine animals, from sea horses and turtles to whales and octopuses.