Service Dogs Attended a Private Performance of “Billy Elliot”

This year, the Stratford Festival had really unusual guests; service dogs caught a performance of Billy Elliot: The Musical. The Canada based doggies were attending the festival as part of their training.

According to the festival’s website, the shows are “specifically designed to welcome patrons who will benefit from a less restricted audience environment.” While the owner of K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs Laura MacKenzie said to CBC Radio that the theater “gives us the opportunity to expose the dogs to different stimuli such as lights, loud noises and movement of varying degrees.”

MacKenzie also explains that the doggies were curled up quietly at their handler’s feet or under the seats during the performance.

“The photo was taken after the show, with the handlers standing nearby, but surely they would have stayed that way throughout the show if we let them,” she added.

Scroll down and take a look at the adorable photographs of the dogs taken right after the show was over.