Shelter Dog Ricasso Raises Over $4,000 For Animal Welfare By Selling His Paintings

We have previously shared stories about animals with artistic talents, but this one involving a Staffordshire terrier Rico might be the best of all. This shelter dog, nicknamed Ricasso, due to his love for painting, recently helped Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) raise over $4,000 by selling his works.

Rico, who has been at AWLA for more than a year, started painting thanks to the shelter’s volunteers. They noticed he enjoys wagging his tail, so they dipped it in paint and allowed the doggo to use it as a brush. This is how Ricasso was born.

Rico had one of his most productive periods this fall when he made 20 pieces that were displayed in AWLA’s building. Shortly after, people started asking how they could own one of his paintings.

The volunteers organized an auction on December 6th on which they offered Rico’s paintings in order to raise funds for their organization. The auction was a success, as all pieces were sold, and more than $4,000 was collected.

“Owning a Ricasso original means so much to me,” said one buyer. “The value isn’t just in the painting but also knowing the journey the artist took during his time at the shelter.”

Check out some of the moments from the auction below.