Signs That Your Cat is Mad at You

Photo by Dmitry Ulitin on Unsplash

Most of the time, it’s easy to tell when your cat is angry with you. It shows on their facial expressions. However, there are other ways to know if your cat is angry with you. Here are some tips:

  • If you notice that the cat’s keeping a distance from you, at moments when ordinarily it would be playing, it may be vexed at you.
  • At times, cats express their feelings of displeasure vocally by growling or making different noisy sounds. In such a situation, give her space, and then do things that can make her happy again.
  • Cats express their feelings of annoyance through their looks. If you own a cat, you will understand better when they give you some strange look. This could be caused by feelings of neglect.
  • One of the ways cats express their unhappiness is by hiding from you. When she does that, don’t attempt to drag her out to forcefully play with her.
  • Cats express their feelings of fright and madness through their body postures. They arch their backs while they crouch around with their furs in a fluffed out manner. At that moment, their tails also will be seen bushy in appearance.
  • A purring cat may not necessarily mean a happy cat. They do this to express other feelings such as aggression and fear.
  • When a cat places her tail low and sweeps it horizontally in a quick manner, it’s an indication that she’s provoked. When you observe such, it is advised that you stop what is causing her to be upset. Then give her some time until she is okay.