Smoke Detector Battery Signal Confuses Dog Who Was Trained to Sit on a Whistle

Dogs can be trained to perform various tasks and actions with a number of different commands, including gestures, voice commands, and sounds. But, as a recent funny viral video posted on social media shows, the canines sometimes can take their training too seriously.

The clip, shared by Instagram user @jennteuscher, shows a dog who was trained to sit on a whistle being confused by a smoke detector battery signal. Each time the smoke detector would produce a noise signal that its battery was running low, the dog would mistake it for a whistle and sit on the floor.

The dog’s owners were quite amused by the scene and were not able to contain their laughter. The dog, on the other hand, sported a big smile on its face believing he is listening to their commands.

“He’s 100% good boy,” @jennteuscher wrote in the caption of the video.

The video ended up getting more than 200K likes, and other Instagram users found it hilarious and hoped the dog would end up being rewarded for his actions.

“You need to be giving him his treat for sitting,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“He says idk whom told me to do it but I did it where’s my snack??” another added.