Snapping Turtle Stuck Between Two Rocks Saved by Kind Strangers

We always like to share stories about kind strangers helping animals in need, and we believe you don’t mind reading them as well. One such story comes to us from Dublin, Ohio, where a couple saved a snapping turtle that was stuck between two rocks.

The video of the rescue mission, which went viral on social media, shows a man wiggling the turtle and getting it out unhurt. He then turns the turtle to the camera for it to say hi, before releasing it into the pond.

According to the backstory, the turtle was found on the pool deck of the apartment complex where the couple lives. The staff tried to steer it towards the pond, but the poor little fellow fell in between the rock before managing to reach it.

While trying to free itself, the turtle only made things worse and got completely stuck. Luckily, the couple discovered it and managed to get it out without any consequences.

“We had to be careful with his limbs since they are soft and sensitive. It took a lot of patience, but we finally got him out, and my fiancé released him back into his pond,” said the man who saved the turtle.