Snowee is Instagram’s Favorite Umbrella Cockatoo

If you’re still not familiar with umbrella cockatoos, buckle up because it’s going to be one wild ride! They’re a truly amazing species of parrots, and Snowee the Umbrella Cockatoo is one of the most popular representatives of his kind that you can find on Instagram.

Umbrella cockatoos are also known as white cockatoos, and they hail from the tropical rainforest on the islands of Indonesia. They’re all-white cockatoos, best known for their striking head crest, which can expand when they’re surprised, taking a semicircular shape reminiscent of an umbrella—hence their famous nickname.

Snowee the Umbrella Cockatoo introduced many people to this beautiful species, and he’s followed by over 150,000 people on Instagram alone. Umbrella cockatoos can live up to 40 years, and Snowee is now 16 years old and living his best life with his owner Emilee Demary, who adopted him and brought him to her farm in 2016.

According to Snowee’s official website, his favorite hobbies include dancing, biting daddy, playing in his tents, snuggling with mom, laughing—and, of course, recording hilarious videos, for the whole world to see. He’s also a huge fan of snacking, and a list of his favorite foods includes almonds, fries, pistachios, noodles, and papaya.