Someone Conducted an Experiment to See What’s the Smallest Gap a Cat Can Squeeze Through

It’s commonly believed that a cat’s body can go through any gap where its head already went. One cat owner wanted to check this so he experimented with his two cats, Maru and Hana. This is one of the most entertaining experiments we’ve seen recently so make sure to stay tuned and watch the video until the end.

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はらぺこーず。 Maru&Hana:We are hungry!

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Maru and Hana’s owner had the idea to test the limits of how narrow a gap his two kitties could get through. The two cuties had no problem being the subjects of this fun experiment and you can see how it went in the video below.

Maru and Hana also have their own Instagram account with nearly 300k followers. Follow them if you want to see insights into the daily lives of these two lovely felines. The video of them going through smaller and smaller gaps has already been seen by over half a million people.