Spoiled Golden Retriever Now Expects a Fancy Dinner Every Night

We all like to spoil our dogs, it makes us happy, and it makes them happy. Win-win, right? Well, these kinds of situations don’t always end up great, as one dog owner recently discovered.

TikToker Destiny Laone recently shared a video in which she “complained” how her Golden Retriever Oakley was spoiled by her boyfriend. It turned out that Oakley was pampered so much that he now expects to have a fancy dinner every night.

In the clip, Laone’s boyfriend is seen grating cheese over Oakley’s dinner and expecting for the doggo to let him know when to stop. However, Oakley appears to be a big fan of cheese and doesn’t give a single indication that he wants the grating to stop.

“POV: Your boyfriend spoils your dog, and now he expects cheese on his dinner every night,” Laone wrote in the text plastered over the video.

You can’t blame Oakley for developing a liking for cheese. First of all, cheese is delicious, and everyone should enjoy it if they can. Dogs can certainly do that. When eaten in moderation, dogs handle cheese very well and like its taste. So, if you are out of treats, you can reward your dog with a small piece of cheese, and they will be more than happy about it.