Sportscaster Does Hilarious Play-By-Play Comments of Dogs and Pigeons

With almost all major sports competitions being canceled due to coronavirus, many sports commentators have been left without material for their work. But, sportscaster Nick Heath decided to get creative and start producing play-by-play comments of everyday scenes featuring dogs, pigeons, and much more.

Thanks to his great voice and ability to pack almost any event with action, Heath started producing some impressively entertaining content. For example, he recently did a comment of two dogs chasing each other.

His frantic play-by-play was not only hilarious, but also quite exciting to watch. You really had a feeling that there is something on the line between Vanilla and Chocolate, as Heath called the pups.

Heath also covered some other major events from the animal world, including Pigeon Dressage, National Championships Spaniel Speedway, and Mundane Walk.

Check them out below.