Stephanie Jones is Preserving Nature’s Fading Beauty Through Jewelry

Nature’s beauty can be fleeting, but Stephanie Jones is not letting it fade away. She’s the mastermind behind the jewelry brand Hello Halsted, which specializes in preserving nature’s fading beauty through her botanical small-batch jewels.

Jones started experimenting with jewelry over a decade ago, and her style significantly evolved as the years went by. Resin has always been her favorite medium to create with, and something finally clicked when she started working with flowers.

“The first stage is collecting the flowers and botanicals that I’ll be using for my batch. This includes hopping around flower shops in my city, sourcing what I can online, dyeing flowers different colors, drying them, and snipping them up into tiny pieces,” she explains on her official website.

After collecting the most beautiful flowers, Jones has to create all the metalwork for her jewelry, usually from sterling silver and gold fill. Applying resin is the most important step of the process, and it usually takes it 12-24 hours to cure before she can assemble finished pieces.

Each of her jewelry pieces is inspired by nature, and they’re keeping flowers, plants, mushrooms, and more safe from oblivion. Their regular life span may be limited, but they can get to live on forever through Jones’s tiny botanical masterpieces.