Steps To Follow While Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears is very important to keep your dog healthy. Your dog’s ears help keep bacteria and yeast away from his ears. This ultimately will help prevent damages that can be done to your dog’s ears by scratching.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Do more frequent ear-cleaning for your dog if it’s more active and also if it has long and hair. This increases his likelihood of having bacteria and yeast growth in the ears.
  • Not cleaning the dog’s ears could result in an ear infection. Examine its ears to see if there are smelly discharge and redness in it before cleaning it. If there are, you will need to inform your veterinarian doctor before doing the cleaning.
  • Dog’s ears should be cleaned at least once every month. If it’s ths dog’s first cleaning, you will need to prepare him for it. Do this by touching his ears and flipping it open. Then grab the ear on one hand and the cleaner on the other hand to prepare his mind.
  • When set to clean, apply the cleaning solution into its ears generously. If it reacts to the solution, use cotton soaked in the solution to clean his ears first. Shift back a little to allow it to shake his head to expel the excess solution. Then, soak cotton balls in the excess solution to wipe his ears clean with them. You may repeat this cleaning step if till the solution comes out clear, without debris left in there.