This Store Allows Any Pet Into the Store and This Man Gladly Brings His Horse

Image by @Robin Morris / Facebook

Recently, Robin Morris was shopping at the Tractor Supply store in Oklahoma when a man walked into the shop, asking for an unusual request.

“[The] gentleman walks into Tractor Supply and says, ‘I’m a senior, here to buy feed for my senior horse. Can he come in?’” Morris wrote on Facebook.

The shop allows any pet into the store as long as they’re on a leash, so a horse wearing a bridle (a leash for a horse) certainly meets the criteria.

The manager welcomed the two inside and the man was obviously happy to get his gentle giant friend into the store.

Morris photographed the duo as they browsed the aisles and the horse appeared to be comfortable, as if he’d gone shopping several times. The senior guy allowed some kids to come over to pet the horse while he’s paying at the counter.

The post that Morris shared on Facebook about the man and his horse immediately went viral, it seems that everybody loves the sweet friendship these two have.