The Striking Beauty of Butterfly Wings is Revealed

Butterflies are incredibly beautiful insects, though we don’t usually have a chance to observe and enjoy their beauty for a long time. Thanks to photographer Chris Perani, we can now see every little detail on butterfly’s wings up close.

Perani uses macro photography to capture incredible images of butterflies, revealing brilliant colors and patterns of their wings.

“Each image of a butterfly wing consists of 2,100 separate exposures merged into a single photo. To photograph their wings, I use a 10x or 5x microscope objective attached to a 200mm lens. Since I am using a microscope objective, the depth of field is almost non-existent”, explained Perani the process of taking these incredible shots.

“The photos are brought into Photoshop and pieced together to make one final image in Photoshop. I clean up any pieces of dirt or broken scales using the spot healing brush.”

The process of taking just one photograph sounds extremely complicated, but the final results are amazing. Butterflies have inspired numerous artists, including fashion designers, over the years, and now we can see why.

Take a look at Perani’s work.