Stunning Video Shows Flamboyance of Flamingos Gathering at Kazakhstan’s Lake Karakol

Photo by ruedi häberli on Unsplash

As the winter is closing in on Europe, many birds are migrating to warm parts of the planet in order to avoid the cold. This includes flamingos, which travel from countries like Albania, Montenegro, Italy, and Greece to Asian countries like Kazakhstan and Iran.

During their travels, these magnificent pink birds often take breaks at lakes in order to feed themselves and rest. And, as it turns out, their stops are among the most stunning things that nature has to offer.

Photographer Azmat Sarsenbayev recently managed to capture one of these stops on video and shared it on social media. The clip shows the flamboyance of flamingos (yes, this is really the expression used for a group of flamingos) flocking at Kazakhstan’s Lake Karakol and creating beautiful scenery that wowed internet users from all around the world.

It’s truly something amazing and it’s something you probably won’t get to see in your lifetime. To see what’s so special about it, check out the video below.

How magnificent are these beautiful creatures?