Susie of Stoned Affections Lets Her Love for Insects Shine Through

Most people struggle to see the magical beauty that insects possess, but Susie of Stoned Affections couldn’t imagine her life without them. She’s a passionate entomologist, who’s using her platform to spread awareness about insects, in addition to using them in her works of art.

Stoned Affection is the brainchild of the British entomologist Susan Askew, who goes by Susie on social media. She’s been passionate about natural history since she was a child, and she’s exploring her love for insects by raising moths and butterflies.

All the insects she takes care of are raised to live out their natural lifespan, given a comfortable environment where they can fly freely, and fed every day. She enjoys documenting their lives and educating the public about their needs.

Susie also loves creating framed art, terrariums, domes, and other trinkets using insects, and she always makes sure that all her specimens are sustainably sourced.

“I do not use protected or endangered species, and nothing is ever taken directly from the wild unless via pest control, unprotected, or found dead. I relax, pin, and set all the specimens you see in the shop. Everything I raise is solely for the purpose of enjoying them as living creatures,” she explains on her official website.