Sweet Bonnie Brown is Making Floral Art Inspired by Insects

If you love flowers and insects in equal measure, Sweet Bonnie Brown will become your new favorite artist. Her body of work is a love letter to insects, and she’s presenting them in a whole new light by decorating plastic replicas with intricate floral patterns.

Sweet Bonnie Brown Art was founded in 2022 in New Orleans, and she used the vulture culture art style as her main source of inspiration. Instead of working with real insects, Brown decided to use plastic replicas instead, and she’s painting them over with flowers, to put a dreamy and romantic twist on these animals that most people find terrifying.

Brown is a huge animal lover, and she works as a dog groomer in addition to being an artist. It’s not a shocker that she decided to go down the vegan art route and not use real animals in her work. She wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them, but faux pieces also happened to be easier to preserve in the long run.

Even though insects have a special place in Brown’s heart, we’ve seen her pay homage to many other animals over the years. She’s also a huge fan of snakes, and we’ve also seen her decorate faux skulls and bones with her signature floral patterns.