Taco & Tequila Are The Purrfect Duo

Taco and Tequila are best friends. The duo met on the streets of Italy while Taco was being potty trained. His owners, Delfina Plaja and her husband Olivier Tops adopted the pup last year.

One day, while Taco and Plaja were outside in the neighborhood, they noticed a small kitten under a car. The kitty slowly came out under the vehicle and went to meet Taco, who soon became his best friend. Plaja asked around about the kitten and found out that the kitten had been living alone in an open garage and was fed by a neighbor.

To gain her trust, Plaja brought her some treats and food, and soon the feline decided she would show up in front of their building, waiting for Taco.

“He was there every time we went out, and Taco would whine by the door, wanting to go out and play with his friend,” Plaja told Love Meow.

One day, the kitten came back, soaked in rainwater, Plaja and her husband decided to bring him in. He was very scared at first, however, when he realized Taco was there, he began to calm down and even started to purr. They adopted him and named him Tequila.

Check out more photos of the adorable duo below.