Take a Look at One of the Largest Great White Sharks Ever Recorded

Marine biologist and conservationist Ocean Ramsey and her team from One Ocean Diving recently had the experience of a lifetime. Not only did they have the chance to see and take photos of one of the largest Great White Sharks ever, they also got to swim with the shark.

The encounter with this 20-foot-long shark took place in a secret location off the coast of Oahu; which is interesting because great white sharks are quite rare in Hawaii.

Ramsey and her team are studying shark behavior and trying to educate the public about this misunderstood species.

“I have so much respect for sharks for their ecological role, scientifically, culturally in Hawaii as aumakua [aumakua- family gods], and from a conservation standpoint I’ve dedicated my life to speaking up for them and educating others about them and their plight while studying to continue to understand more about them,” Ramsey said.

“We hope these images and videos will spark a movement for more laws to protect sharks here in Hawaii and around the world,” Ramsay said.

Thanks to Ramsay’s team we have a unique opportunity to see incredible photos of this creature.

Check the sharks out.