Take a Look At These Enchanting Portraits of Birds

Being a passionate artist and bird lover, Rose Tanner decided to merge her two passions, so she became the birdartartist on social media. She explains on her personal website that “her work is about those moments in nature that show the story, emotion or character of a bird.”

“Birds sing, dance, fight, court, breed and fly. They claim territory, pair for life, play the field and fool around. They hold funerals, have socials, eat fermented berries and perform mating rituals that leave us baffled. The subject matter is endless,” the award-winning artist said and added that she travels a lot to find her subjects and is active in supporting endangered birds and their home.

Tanner has been sharing her beautiful paintings on her Instagram account where she has attracted more than 2,000 admirers. We really enjoyed browsing through her page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow her for future updates.

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Henry the Northern Cardinal.

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