Take a Look at This Beautiful Sea Creature Found in Asian Water

Our planet is full of beautiful creatures that we aren’t even aware of, like for example, a female blanket octopus. The video published by NAD Lembeh Resort in Indonesia shows a blanket octopi swimming and revealing its beauty. The less-than-a-minute long clip quickly went viral and currently has more than 130,000 views.

“I was diving just off the beach at NAD Lembeh, searching for plankton one night and was lucky enough to spot this blanket octopus,” Simon from NAD Lembeh Resort told Bored Panda. “Sometimes, we travel for two hours to get to deep water, and then one day I found the most special thing by swimming off our beach! Quite funny, really.”

On their YouTube channel, you can find more interesting videos about other sea creatures as well as on their Facebook page.

Scroll down and take a look at the video below. When was the last time when you saw something so beautiful?